Orientation and training for committees

Is your committee of management clear on its governance responsibilities and legal duties? As the peak for community-owned education and care, we are the experts on education and care committees.

No two training sessions are the same – we tailor our orientation so we can focus on your skills and knowledge gaps. We are flexible with timing, so you can schedule your training right after a committee meeting. Our orientation and training will ensure your committee is working directly with your service director/coordinator to manage operations and strategic direction.

Your committee will:

  • Get clarity on roles within the committee, sub-committees and delegations
  • Discover government’s role and expectations of the committee as an employer and Approved Provider
  • Learn about the responsibilities of the service director/coordinator
  • Get clarity on its legal duties and ethical considerations
  • Learn tips for efficient management and making good use of meetings
  • Work through existing management challenges and issues


What services are saying:

“A big thank you for coming to MCFC and giving such a thorough presentation about managing a child care co-op. It's nice to know you're on the end of the phone, too, should we need advice.”

Clare, Monash Community Family Cooperative


“Over the years CCC has run several efficient management information sessions for our committee members, which have really helped them to understand more about their role.”

Natasha, Eltham Child Care Cooperative


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